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Pan Hoss Recipe

1 cup of water. One quarter pound pudding meat. One heaping Table spoon of grits or cornmeal. One heaping table spoon of Buck wheat flour.One heaping table spoon of wheat bran or whole wheat flour. Pepper and salt to taste Microwave until very can eat hot or cool it then slice and fry. Apple butter, syrup, or jelly is always good on fried pan hoss.
In today's world we don't use butchered product, but beef broth and store bought breakfast sausage. My great grandfather, who owned a butcher shop, would make this during the depression. Basically, brown the sausage, drain and add broth. Bring to a boil and add your spices. Using a wood spoon slowly add the cornmeal and stir relentlessly until it just gets too darn thick and you're exhausted. Pour into loaf pans and let settle. Refrigerate and slice and fry the next day. If you're savvy on cryovac'n, this will freeze well. I love to experiment with the heat by adding chopped jalapenos or the heat of your choice during the boiling process. The hardest of this whole process is stirring while adding the cornmeal. Slice and fry in pan and crack an egg on top, or syrup, or even mustard. IT'S ALL GOOD! That's my basic ponhaus story. It's really easy to make, but it's not. Experimentation is half the fun here, especially when adding spices. Have fun and there's not a lot of ways to mess this up.