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Nothing satisfies the soul as much as food prepared on a campfire. And it's easier than you might think!

Black Bird Pie Recipe

I know you have heard of Black Bird Pie. Well here is the recipe. Back in the old west frontier days when black birds might be all you had to eat, so you cooked what you had. Better than nothing!

    • 25 birds, well covered with water
    • 3/4 lb. sausage (link) - optional
    • For pie crust strips:
    • 3 1/2 cups self-rising flour
    • 1 cup very warm water (almost hot)
                  Clean Birds
            Cook until tender (at least 2 hours. Salt and pepper to taste. When birds are tender, keep broth at a rolling boil and
            drop in pastry - piece by piece, shaking 
            pot constantly to keep pastry pieces separated. When all is in pot, place cover on and let cook for approximately 10 minutes. Let set for about ten more minutes. Then eat

            Pie Crust Strips:

            Mix little biscuit dough. Knead 'til tough and dry - roll with rolling pin 'til very thin and cut into 2-inch strips.

            If you are unfamiliar with making pastry from scratch, you can substitute canned biscuits (roll individually with rolling pin). Or buy frozen pastry from bakery. If you use canned biscuits, let set for one-half hour and roll or flatten again to thinness desired.